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Outtake One: Severus Snape

Creator's Notes: We're sorry for the delay in posting. Last week was our first week of term, we had a horrid roommate to contend with, we had to deal with scheduling issues and buying books and moving in... We fully intended to have a post yesterday, but the horrid roommate moved out, so we helped her with that. We rearranged our room, and were setting up our computers to finish the post when layered got a nasty electric shock and had to go to hospital. When we finally arrived back at our room at 1:45 AM, we said basically "dammit" and went to bed.

Hate/Love Letters will resume usual posting schedule on Friday, September 3. Today we have some outtakes, notes written outside of the canon of our storyline, messing around with the pens and testing the handwriting of our characters. The first character to be highlighted: Severus Snape. We hope you enjoy these outtakes, and please forgive our delays in posting!

oh, we fear.

it's a friendly kind of relationship.

the sad thing is, we understand..

....he's in fifth grade.

and admitting your problem is the first step to recovery!

writing with a quill is pretty hard...

...the potions master!
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