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Outtake Four: Hate/Love: Sims Style

You may (or may not) have noticed our lack of updates this week. We have a good reason - it is Midterms Week, that unholy time of the semester during which I try to catch up to all the studying I should have been doing for the past seven weeks and speccygeekgrrl laughs at me.

For this Outtake, we decided to boot up my lovely copy of The Sims 2 and bring you:

Hate/Love: Sims StyleCollapse )

But don't worry - we've got a few days off for Columbus Day, so there's absolutely no excuse for us NOT to have the next update up by Monday. Possibly even sooner, but I'm not making any promises.

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OMG so funny. Me love you guys. "No, Severus. It is much too soon."


Plz update tommorrow, if you can. <3 <3 But if you can't that's okay too, because you get lots of flowers and candy for being so great anyway.

Not that I've ever had an argument with someone over the shower before... But that was my favorite part. It's funny because it's true.

And of course, the hallucination of Freud keeps me up many a night. Along with the ghost of the Stratford Theatre, who decided to wake me up early Saturday morning in the hospital residence and talk to me about the significance of "The Scottish Play" or "The Play That Shall Not Be Named." At least not by this girl.

Looking forward to the next update.
I can't breathe that was so funny and i was making the most amusing squealy noises from looking at this. I LOVE you two!
Oh this is so kwel.
What happened to the header by the way? It doesn't show up anymore
that is the funniest shit I HAVE EVAR SEEN I KID YOU NOT!

BRILLIANT! Simply brilliant!!! xD
hahaha, yaaaaay!! that was the hardest i've laughed all week! i especially loved the sigmund freud hallucination.
just started reading you guys...and i know you haven't updated in a while but stuff. :)
that. made. me. crack. up. <3
just wanted to tell you guys that we miss you and hope you'll update again soon. :-)
I am seriously praying that you two are both completely okay, just too busy to update. While SS/RL I like it's not my OTP, but I can honestly say this series is on its way to becoming my all time favorite, I have so much love for you guys.

Take care and I look forward to your next update, even just to say you aren't going to give us any new chapters anytime soon!
I just caught up with it (I've been given the link quite some time ago) and, gasp, there's no more! I hope nothing's wrong with you, I'm just loving this (reashuring my faith in RL/SS, in fact!).

where are the pictures in your icon from?!
Cool, isn't it? I got it from lizardqueen. This particular one is here ( but check out her site too - - there's a bunch of them there.

ohhh, she did the pervy werewolf pic, nice! her site is great. thanks so much!
Just saying again how we all miss you and hope you haven't died and that we see you again sometime since its now December, almost January :-) much love!
ditto that i miss you :\<3
ROFL that is great.
"Kristin, in all her genius, decides that a good idea would be to set the stove on fire."
You guys rock. I hope everything is ok. ^^;;
i miss this. i liked where it was going. what happeneddddd???????////slash//
Where did you go? *is sad*
I just discovered this yesterday and fell in love. Why did you guys stop?
I have the sudden urge to either a, fall off the chair laughing, or b, go find my sims game, lol.
:( come back!
where have you gone? i just found this and i need more entries now!!!! come back and write dammit! :P
i mean...please dont leave it ended like are we ever to know what happens to snape and remus wen they have classes stuck together?! u can't leave them in a fight!
LOL that was great. love you guys, even though this hasn't been updated in 23980 years.
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