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Chapter Two: The Broken Quill Incident

The students came in seperately, as usual; the Slytherins tended to sit to the back of the room en masse, leaving the front seats for the Gryffindors. Not that it mattered, in this class; Professor Binns wouldn't have noticed if one of the many notes that passed during his class had been passed right through him. Toward the middle of the class, Remus Lupin found himself a desk in front of Rabastan LeStrange. The back of his neck itched uncomfortably, as it usually did around that particular Slytherin. As Binns droned into the twelvth minute of class, Rabastan leaned forward slightly. Remus fought very hard not to reach back and scratch his neck-- or Rabastan's face, for that matter. He slipped two nicely-worded notes back in hopes that the larger boy would back off, with no success.

Severus Snape was sitting next to LeStrange, Remus noted, and he hastily scribbled down a note to the only Slytherin with whom he was on relatively friendly terms.

Written by Remus's margin-notes from last week's potions class and carefully thrown into Severus's lap.

Crushed in a tight ball and thrown directly at the itchiest spot on Remus's neck.

Crumpled in annoyed haste and tossed back indiscreetly, leaving an ink stain on the desk where it landed.

Written on a ragged scrap fished out of Severus's pocket and slid across the desk.

Scrawled angrily and shoved back at Severus.

Reply; on the back of previous note.

Charmed behind Remus's left ear.

Flown back on a piece of broken quill Transfigured into a moth.

After a bit of misunderstood gesturing between Marauders, including such implicit signs as Remus pointing at Sirius's bag, his own quill, and miming snapping the feather in two; written near a doodle by the famous Messr. Padfoot.

Neatly folded and thrown back with much rolling of eyes.


With much exasperation, Charmed directly into Sirius's trousers.

Discreetly passed from the back row.

Equally discreetly returned.

Blown from Severus's open palm to Remus's robes pocket, very neatly indeed.

Rolled along the floor, landing a few inches to the right of Severus's right shoe.

Crumpled, in Remus's pocket from a sudden thought at breakfast.

Folded in half and slid down two desks to James.

Folded very small indeed and chucked back over two heads to bonk into Remus's.

Passed on the teeth of a smile, with a gesture to a red head of curls three desks diagonal.

Thrown back, crumpled, and missing its mark by several feet. Passed back with a Charm.

Very indiscreetly handed to Severus.

Handed back with equal disregard for the teacher.

After great delay, found inside Remus's bookbag.

Written during a lull in the notes, to help with scheduling homework into the day.

Passed rapidly in the last few minutes of class.


(Creators' Warning: This is SO image-heavy. I mean 32 images worth of heavy. If your computer isn't so fast, this is a good time to go make some cocoa or something! Chocolate helps in reading this. Really it does.)

(Creators' Note: We really appreciate you guys reading this project of ours! If you enjoy this, feel free to direct others here and pimp us out in your journals. Don't worry, our bandwidth can take it!)
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eeee. That was great. Made me laugh a lot.

you guys are awesome hehe :D
That was great.

Will you Do you

Just wonderful XD
Hehe I can wait for more. It's a nice thing to read after coming back from work!! ^_~ I'll be waiting.
What a nice way to wake up. I love it! <3
o.o; I love your Craig from Degrassi icon.
::sigh:: If I didn't know you two, I'd wonder about you...

As it is, I already know there's something deeply wrong with the both of you.

Funny stuff, though. Oddly enough, a good portion of it reads like conversations between Tai, Reige, Myself, and Merryck...
XD! Thanks, Mikey! ^_^!


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12 years ago

this super-lovely. do try other media, they can't pass notes around forever, can they? especially not in hogsmeade? ;)
i meant, this is super-lovely. and i was wondering if The Prank has already happened during this time of wonderful note-passing and secret friendship?


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Cuteness. So cute.
In the words of Ron Weasley: "That was bloody brilliant!"
I love it! I love it! I LOVE it! I wanna help right it! Oh wait! Can I write a fanfic!?!?!?!
Knock yourself out, darling. XD


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Lupin, Pencils are for the weak...

I love that!
Sorry for the multiple comments, LJ said it didn't post :/
I shall marry you. You wait.These amuse me greatly, they do.
Okay, here's what I'll do. :) I'll take one of your most creative images, downsize it, upload it to my photobucket account, and place it on my userinfo. :)

Heee. This is awesome! x3
Well, after discovering that I make the best cocoa in the midwest (no joke. I made cocoa...), let me say that this was definately worth the five refreshes it took my lousy computer!!

Loved it very, very much!

Pure blood quill-maker's conspiracy. Hee.
Yay I like notes. Even though I don't care much for the pairing, because Remus/Sirius is the only pairing I DO care about, I really do enjoy this. Cool. ^_^
The temptation to make icons is overwhelming!!
Oh, please, give in to your temptations! :D
Found this through a friend who was pimping and it's fantastic. ^^ Lovely use of the SBP type idea, which the world can always use more of. And yay for Remus/Severus! xD

Oh- just I think "honor" in the "defend fair lady's honor" should have been spelled honour, because that's the British way.

Brilliant stuff though!
Well. This is really effin' cool.

Just a tiny britpick though..in the first note: "stirring counter" -- the british term for counterclockwise is actually "anticlockwise".
"pencils are for the weak" is my new motto.

i shall begin throwing in hate/love letter quote in with my shoebox quotes to throw everyone off!

you've got me hooked!
I finally realized how old these are...but I'm commenting anyway. :]