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Outtake Four: Hate/Love: Sims Style

You may (or may not) have noticed our lack of updates this week. We have a good reason - it is Midterms Week, that unholy time of the semester during which I try to catch up to all the studying I should have been doing for the past seven weeks and speccygeekgrrl laughs at me.

For this Outtake, we decided to boot up my lovely copy of The Sims 2 and bring you:

Severus Snape
Remus Lupin

With Special Guest Stars
layered as Kristin
speccygeekgrrl as Dani

Left to right: Kristin, Dani, Remus, and Severus.

So we, together, are bringing you a tale of hate:

... a tale of love ...

... and a tale of two college students locked in a room without a toilet or shower, then given a toilet and shower but with too much pride to use them in front of one another, thus ending up with trails of green mist following them around from smelling so much, and becoming so tired that they collapse in puddles of their own urine.


"Who's in the shower?" groaned Dani, tapping her foot.

"Remus," Severus muttered, checking his watch and then sighing deeply. "He's been in there for half an hour now."

"Dammit, people need to use the shower, Remus!" Danielle called out, to which Remus jumped immediately from the shower, looking almost guilty.

"What? Wanking? Who? What? No!" he exclaimed quickly. "Er. I mean. Can't a bloke take a shower around here?"

"Finally," Dani exclaimed, as Remus left the bathroom. She moved inside, followed directly by Snape. "Now get out so I can use the shower."

"No," Severus responded, stubbornly.

"Get out."

"You get out."

"No, you get out."


Kristin, in all her genius, decides that a good idea would be to set the stove on fire.

Allow me to explain this picture to you.

Kristin is staring at the flames, shocked. Remus is freaking out, in a very girlish manner might I add, and Danielle is moving toward the refridgerator. Severus, taking out the garbage, is having his arse checked out by that bloke in the blue sweater.


Every single member of the household is thinking the same thing: Where the hell did those loveseats come from?


According to Dani, what Severus Snape is saying here, is "Please, please let me suck your-"

"No," Remus interjects. "No, Severus. It is much too soon."


Somewhere along the way, Severus decides to take up the noble art of air-guitar.


I like to pretend that Remus is reading Severus a bedtime story. Maybe something like, "The Little Potions Master Who Could."

Eventually Remus gets into the bed and they begin spooning. Automatically. IE: Without my even telling them to. Wow.


They wake up the next morning and stretch...

And promptly begin making out.

I like this picture basically because Remus looks like he's about to faint.

Dani and Kristin have a celebratory dance because Remus and Severus are FINALLY making out with each other.

Things escalate...

And Remus suggests that they take their relationship to the next level, so to speak...

And is rejected.

So he cries,

... breaks down ...

... and hallucinates a German Therapist Sim Who Might Be Modeled After Freud.


In other news?

Yeah. They don't know it up there, but their hands are so getting stuck like that.


Thank you.

This episode of Hate/Love: Sims Style has been brought to you by:

speccygeekgrrl / Dani


layered / Kristin

But don't worry - we've got a few days off for Columbus Day, so there's absolutely no excuse for us NOT to have the next update up by Monday. Possibly even sooner, but I'm not making any promises.

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